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Who We Are

Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition (MSTWC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that supports the Stream Team Program and advances the protection and improvement of Missouri’s waterways. We do this through education, advocacy, and stewardship efforts. Some of our work includes providing grants and scholarships to Stream Team volunteers, developing statewide educational watershed programs, encouraging citizen engagement by distributing alerts about issues affecting water resources, and publishing comprehensive reports of Stream Team Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring data — the first effort in the program to do so.

MSTWC is made up of representatives from Stream Team Associations throughout the state. Associations are groups of Stream Teams within watersheds who work together. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, the MSTWC can write and receive grants used to support projects submitted by Stream Team Associations.

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Linking Stream Teams for Healthy Watershed


The Coalition promotes and supports watershed based Stream Team Associations, by serving as a resource for information, education, stewardship and advocacy; by facilitating communication among Associations; and by serving as a united voice for healthy watersheds in Missouri.


Education and Outreach

MSTWC is currently working to establish a solid identity within the Stream Team community through education and outreach efforts. MSTWC works to provide educational tools and resources to the Stream Team Program, Stream Team Associations, and Stream Team Members.


MSTWC acts as a technical resource to Stream Team members and the Stream Team Program.

Sustainable Funding 

MSTWC is working to establish sustainable funding. This funding will be utilized to support the operational expenses of the organization. It is hopeful that a sustainable funding revenue stream will also support the Stream Team Associations and Stream Team Program.


MSTWC is working to advocate on issues that affect quality of our state’s water resources. MSTWC provides educational information to Stream Team members; submits comments to agencies, legislators, or other governmental officials on specific issues; and encourages Stream Team members to voice their concerns when issues arise.