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Missouri….. The Great Rivers State

In January of 2012, a campaign began to establish a new official slogan for Missouri that would celebrate its rich river heritage.  I am excited to announce that on Friday, May 18th, 2012 just as the legislative session was concluding, a Senate Resolution (SCR 17) passed gifting  Missouri a new state slogan: “The Great Rivers State.”  This resolution highlights one of our greatest ecologic and economic resources.

“Missouri’s rivers, lakes, and streams are great resources that are very beneficial to our economy. It is my hope that by adding this slogan the Missouri Division of Tourism will have another marketing tool to use in promoting Missouri both nationally and internationally,” said resolution sponsor Senator John Lamping.

“This resolution highlights a commonsense and self-evident fact. Missouri has been blessed with some of the most beautiful and useful rivers on earth and the people here show their love of the waters every day,” adds Jeff Barrow, Director of Missouri River Relief (Stream Team 1875).

“This slogan connects everybody to their rivers and streams. While some people may interpret the great rivers to be the Mississippi or the Big Muddy, it also applies to other parts of the state.  For me, I think about all of our beautiful Ozark streams.  With over 110,000 miles  of rivers and streams to explore and enjoy, Missouri truly is “The Great Rivers State”.” -Holly Neill, Executive Director, Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition.

Sincere gratitude is extended to Senator Lamping and his staff for all their efforts. Warm thanks also go out to Karla Wilson, Dr. Mabel Purkerson, Lotsie Holton, and Ms. Pat Jones for their support.

You can read the full resolution at

To find out how to get a license plate sporting the new slogan click on the license below.


Project Benefits
Recognition of our unique natural re-sources, including our dynamic Ozark streams as well as the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, benefits the state both ecologically and economically. Celebrating our river heritage not only helps preserve that heritage, but also brings additional tourism to the state, a key economic engine.

Project Strategies

1. Construct a detailed case statement.

2. Develop statewide buy in for the project.

3. Identify and leverage key legislative advocates.

4. Submit revised resolution to legislative session and achieve passage.