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Upper Current River Cleanup Results

Posted in: Spotlight- Jun 29, 2016 No Comments

At the 10th annual Upper Current River Cleanup on June 18th, 119 volunteers collected 95 bags of trash and 7 tires. That equals almost 1000 volunteer hours for the Stream Team and the National Park Service!  Great job volunteers!


Just about anything can end up floating down our rivers or stuck at the bank. What are some odd items found on the Upper Current?

  • 35mm camera with film hanging out

  • Chainsaw

  • Table top

  • Ladies underwear

  • Cattle lick tub

  • Fishing poles

  • Dry bag


Litter can easily be washed into the waterways when rain comes. Be conscious of litter in the watershed, and always make sure to pack out what you bring to the river with you!


Thank you Scenic Rivers Stream Team Association and volunteers!