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This week in #MOwater: Paddling legislations sparks confusion

Posted in: News- Mar 18, 2015 No Comments


Paddling laws: Effort to make paddling laws clearer sparks confusion

“We’re worried there’s going to be even more public confusion over what floaters can do on a river,” said Michelle Lambeth, executive director of the Missouri Canoe and Floaters Association. “We don’t want any disputes between landowners and floaters. But I do fear that without proper language in this bill that local law enforcement officials will be overwhelmed with trespassing calls from property owners.”

Barge Season: Corps prepare for $2 billion industry

Dredging operations are underway on the Missouri River in advance of the barge season, which opens on March 28 in Kansas City and April 1 in St. Louis.

Poster Contest: Drinking Water Week spurs $300 contest

In honor of Drinking Water Week from May 3 to 9, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and American Water Works Association are holding a poster contest for Missouri fifth graders to showcase the important role tap water plays in our daily lives.

Missouri River Meetings: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Missouri River Basin Water Management Division Updates Citizens

A public meeting on April 9 in Smithville, Missouri, will include presentations from the Corps regarding details of how the Corps will manage the reservoir system this year, followed by a question and answer session. Read a brief here.


Clean Water Act: Des Moines sues three upstream states for nitrates

A lawsuit with far-reaching implications for agriculture, water pollution, and farming practices in the Midwestern Corn Belt of the United States appears headed to federal court.

Groundwater Awareness: Circle of Blue tells stories of world’s freshwater

Globally, groundwater plays a significant role in the production of the world’s food, fuel, and fiber. It is the source of half the world’s drinking water, according to the United Nations. Read a roundup of stories about the world’s groundwater.

Waters of the U.S.: EPA director regrets rollout, says rules were needed

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy said Monday that she regretted how her agency handled the rollout of the controversial “Waters of the U.S.” rules that have many farm leaders complaining about federal infringement on private property. However, she said, that doesn’t change the agency’s ultimate goal of issuing the final rule of what’s covered. She said that the rule is on its way to the Office of Management and Budget and will be issued this spring.