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This week in #MOwater: Oil & grease spills, questions over new state park, and Springfield’s environmental task force

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Environmental Task Force: Tap water tops list of priorities

“We’re also the only community in the country that’s looking at drinking water, waste water, storm water, air quality and solid waste holistically rather than in silos. And when you look at them holistically, there’s opportunity for savings,” Burris said.

New State Park: Department of Natural Resources makes space public, keeps quiet about details

An unnamed new Missouri State Park is currently being built on the grounds of the old Camp Zoe site close to Current River State Park off Highway 19 in Shannon County, according to documents obtained by The Salem News. The total estimated cost of the project is between $32.6 million and $38.3 million, according to state Office of Administration documents. Blueprints for the park created by the Farnsworth Group of St. Louis display the site as featuring a lodge, grand terrace, lodging, extensive campgrounds, Sinking Creek access, five pavilions, a bluff top event shelter and an amphitheater for large events, according to the OA documents.

Oil Spill: Business releases about 50 gallons into sewer, DNR investigates

“A concerned citizen who lives near Dry Run Branch Creek noticed that the rocks near the drain at the creek were turning black and had a shiny film over them,” Buerck said. “Upon a quick examination by public works, it was discovered the substance was oil and a report to DNR was made as required by law. DNR picked up the investigation from there.”

Grease Spill: Overflow flows toward Big Piney tributary, EPA on task

The facility uses a series of ponds on site to hold waste product and the ponds appear to have overflowed into a nearby road ditch, which flows toward a tributary of the Big Piney River.  She said a representative of the business said it’s “unwilling and/or unable to clean up the spill or to hire an outside contractor to undertake cleanup efforts.

“Because of this, the department has initiated containment cleanup, and has secured a state contractor to complete cleanup and pump down the ponds to prevent additional releases. EPA has been notified and is also sending a coordinator.

Blue Catfish Record: Alternative method uses invasive species
Malta Bend

Burr Edde III breaks 50-year Missouri record for blue catfish caught using alternative method.Burr Edde III of Malta Bend became Missouri’s most recent record-breaking angler when he landed a giant blue catfish on a stretch of the Missouri River in Saline County using a trotline.


River Diversion: Officials say plans are not feasible, supporters press on

Supporters of a plan to divert Missouri River water from northeast Kansas to the west of the state say they aren’t giving up on finding a way to move water to parched regions, even though state officials have rejected the proposal.

House Approves Water Funding: Bill raises more than $8 million for efforts to clean

“Clean water is not something that’s ‘nice to have’,” said Rep. David Deen, D-Westminster and chairman of the House Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources Committee. “It’s not sort of an extra you can do without. Our economy depends on it, our lives depend on it, our very bodies depend on it.”