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This Week in #MOWater News

Posted in: News- Oct 12, 2017 No Comments

This week’s highlights: time for Hellbenders to be breeding, possible kayak tax in Michigan, and an update on the Colorado River deal.



Stream Team Thing

It’s a Stream Team Thing

League of Watershed Guardians


Hellbender Breeding

Discover Nature: Hellbender breeding peaks



Ozark Mussels

Ozarks’ River Mussels

State of the Ozarks


Water Grants

KC Water grants support water quality education

KC Water Services


Smooth Turtle

One Smooth Turtle

Springfield Plateau Blog


River Experience

Eleven Point River experience is engraved in my soul

River Hills Traveler


Kayak Tax

Sheriffs float the idea of a kayak tax

Mackinac Center


Hurricane Pollution

How did Irma affect pollution in South Carolina’s coastal waters?

The Post and Courier


Pollution and Plants

Strips of native prairie plants could reduce pollution runoff from farm fields

Harvest Public Media


Colorado River Deal

U.S., Mexico reach deal to conserve Colorado River water

Daily Miner


Swamped Cleaning

Progress on cleaning Minnesota River swamped by high volume of water

Star Tribune


Green River

Why has Ohio’s Maumee River turned green?

American Rivers


Watershed Investments

USDA invests $150 million for watershed improvements

Western Farm Press