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This Week in #MOWater News

Posted in: News- Oct 06, 2017 No Comments

This week’s highlights: Race to the Dome recap, Tyson clean water act violations, and tsunami brings Japanese critters to the U.S.


Tyson Discharge

Tyson pleads guilty to clean water act violations after discharge in Monett Creek



MO Beauty

Observing the beauty in Missouri’s living waters

River Hills Traveler


Rowdy River

How the park services are reigning in rowdy river visitors

Float Missouri


Race to the Dome

Friendly competition on water benefits Missouri River Relief



Big River Kayaker

Taking it to the Limit

Missouri Department of Conservation


Pollution Rule

Oversight of Missouri’s pollution rules could be changed under Greitens

St. Louis Post-Dispatch



Dioxins Downriver

EPA says dioxins might have washed downriver during Harvey

PBS Newshour


Castaway Critters

Castaway critters rafted to U.S. shores aboard Japan tsunami debris

Science News


Outdoors Superstar

Eastern York student outdoors superstar

York Daily Record


Flotsam in Veins

The Flotsam in Our Veins

Forester Network


Fight for Water

Anglers fight for water, fish on Little Sugar Creek

Arkansas Online


Diseases of Poverty

Diseases of poverty identified in Alabama County burdened by poor sanitation

Circle of Blue


More Flooding

Worse than the Prince of Tides

Forester Network