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This Week in #MOWater News

Posted in: News- Oct 13, 2016 No Comments

Some of this week’s highlights: Diesel spill in the Missouri River, harvesting drinking water from air, and bacteria filled water at dentist.


Clean Water Importance

Sara Parker Pauley highlights importance of clean water at CAFNR program

Columbian Missourian


Diesel Spill

100 gallons of diesel fuel spills into Missouri River



Turquoise Jewels

A guide to the turquoise jewels of the Missouri Ozarks



Dam Work

Work slated at Owl Creek Dam in Bone Hole

Daily Journal Online


Trout Improvements

Missouri trout parks see improvements ahead of 2017 season

Columbia Tribune



Drinking Water from Air

Wind-powered device can produce 11 gallons per day of clean drinking water from the air

Tree Hugger


Water Energy Intersection

The intersection of water and energy

Forester Daily News


Dentists Water

Bacteria in dentist’s water sends 30 kids to hospital



Haunting Water Stories

“Water Stories” is a haunting document of global water issues

Popular Science


Mirror Lake

Ohio State reveals plans for Mirror Lake restoration

The Columbus Dispatch


Water Resourcefulness

Student event educates on resourcefulness of water

Scottsbluff Star Herald


Water Theft

Mississippi’s claim that Tennessee is stealing ground water is a supreme court first

Circle of Blue