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This Week in #MOWater News

Posted in: News- Oct 07, 2016 No Comments

Some of this week’s highlights: Alarming milky water, sewage overflow in Springfield, and a radioactive sinkhole in Florida.



Paddle MO

Caty Paddles Missouri River

100 Missouri Miles


MO River Value

Frontenac couple work to elevate value of Missouri River

St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Milky Water

Milky water causes alarm in Coldwater Creek



Fight the Dead Zone

How Midwest farmers can fight ‘Dead Zone’ in Gulf



Sewage Hurts

Sewer overflow might hurt fish in North Springfield

Springfield News-Leader


Fish Kill

Pool water dump into creek system killed hundreds of fish

Columbia Daily Tribune


Flint Funding

Senate approves funding for Flint water crisis

The New York Times


Radioactive Sinkhole

A massive sinkhole just dumped radioactive waste into Florida water

Mother Jones


850 Miles

Kayaker paddles 850 miles from Bellingham to Ketchikan, raises $20,000 for cancer research



Chromium 6

What is Chromium 6 and how did it infiltrate America’s drinking water?



Water Bears

Water Bears’ radiation-resistant could help human DNA, researchers say

The Weather Channel


Insect Threat

US says climate change threatens Glacier National Park insects