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This Week in #MOWater News

Posted in: News- Mar 02, 2018 No Comments

This week’s highlights: Scientists seeking a rare MO crayfish, floods last weekend, and the problem with golf balls in our waters.


Litter Clean Up

Volunteers clean up litter before it becomes a problem



Rare Crayfish

Scientists seeking rare river crayfish aren’t just kicking rocks


Flooded Rivers

Rains flood Finley, James rivers

Christian County Headliner


Clean MO Lakes

Regulators, environmentalists, and scientists split on how to keep Missouri’s lakes clean

St. Louis Public Radio


Freshwater Turtles

On a mission to protect endangered turtles

Springfield News-Leader


Golf Ball Problem

Off the green and into the blue

Hakai Magazine


Student Stream Project

High school senior gets serious with environment

The Sentinel Newspaper


Bottled Tap Water

64% of bottles water is tap water, costs 2000x more



Menu of Solutions

Adding nature-based solutions to menu of options



Fouled Water Plan

Straight pipes foul Kentucky’s long quest to clean it’s soiled waters

Circle of Blue


Farm Bill Programs

Conservation programs in Farm Bill can help farmers protect environment, wallet

Net Nebraska


Solving Problems

Silicon Valley wants to solve our water problems