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This Week in #MOWater News

Posted in: News- Oct 20, 2017 No Comments

This week’s highlights: Possible changes to Missouri’s environmental commissions, new Missouri River sculpture, and a warning about flushing floss.


Lake Changes

Changes proposed to improve water quality of Missouri lakes

Columbia Tribune


Brown Smelly Water

Cowgill residents frustrated with brown, smelly water



Gigging Program

ONSR to host gigging program October 21

Ozark Radio News


River Sculpture

Student sculpture unveiled on Missouri River

CBS St. Louis


Fishing Rodeo

Fishing Rodeo on Elks Lake aims to give quality time with families, police

Southeast Missourian


Enviro Commissions

Governor may combine environmental commissions

CBS St. Louis


Disguised Lakes

Clear lakes disguise impaired water quality

Science Daily


Restore Floodplains

Why we need to restore floodplains

American Rivers


Gas Spill

Gasoline spill leaves officials concerned for environment



Don’t Flush Floss

This is why you should never, ever flush floss down the toilet

The Reader’s Digest


Threatened Fishery

This is the most valuable wild salmon fishery in the world



Water Security Legislation

New rainwater and recycling legislation advances California’s water security

Coast Keeper


Superfund Cleanup

EPA cleanup plan for Houston superfund site opposed by industry

Circle of Blue