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This week in #MOwater: New nature center, permit appeals and more

Posted in: News- Dec 30, 2014 No Comments

The Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition aggregates environmental news and water news from the state of Missouri every week. Look for the round-up on Tuesdays, and use the hashtag #MOwater to share articles with us throughout the week!


CAFO Permit Appeal: Locals file appeal against DNR permit for hog farm
Callaway County

The appeal, addressed to the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission, outlines three areas of concern — health and welfare, technical deficiencies and arbitrary and capricious reliance on interim guidance — in a nearly-final attempt to stop the hog farm.

Nature Center: Larger building planned for fishery visitor center

The Missouri Department of Conservation says on a busy day, as many as 200 people pass through the small visitor center at the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery. Now the department says it’s time to expand to give visitors a more complete learning experience. Designers are working on a plan for a 10,000 square foot building, which will include classrooms and an exhibit hall. The conservation department says the fish hatchery is the perfect spot for the center.

Year in Review: Missouri Department of Conservation counts its achievements

Numbers include fishing records, biological introductions, and Stream Team’s 25th anniversary.

Coal Ash: LEO Says DNR ‘Must’ Deny Permit — Based on New Federal Rules

Missouri Department of Natural Resources “must and should” deny Ameren’s construction permit application for a coal ash landfill adjacent to the Labadie power plant, Labadie Environmental Organization attorneys wrote. A decision on the coal ash landfill construction permit will be made by Jan. 3

United States

Lead Bullets: Court rules EPA cannot regulate ammunition
Washington, D.C.

The federal appeals court agreed with the EPA that it cannot differentiate between lead ammunition and “cartridges and shells,” which the agency is prohibited from regulating under a provision of the Toxic Substances Control Act.

Waters of the U.S.: Clarification due in April, some in Congress oppose
Washington, D.C.

The EPA plans to finalize its clarification of the scope of the Clean Water Act by April 2015. Republicans in Congress have other ideas. North Dakota Senator John Hoeven touts a “two-step process” for blocking the rule. Step one was cutting funds in the recent budget deal for the rule’s implementation. Step two is getting legislation through Congress that will close the door. Stay tuned with Circle of Blue for more.

Manure Water: Technology could help lake

Dane County is setting aside about $1.3 million for new technology officials say could turn lake-fouling dairy cow manure into crystal clear water.


Deep Sea Plastic: Microfibers building up on ocean floor

A new study, published this week in Royal Society Open Science, shows how plastic debris breaks down into microfibers that are piling up in the deepest parts of the sea. The scientists with the Plymouth University and Natural History Museum say there could be around four billion microscopic plastic fibers could be littering each square kilometer of deep sea sediment around the world.