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Stream Teams United

Posted in: Spotlight- Jul 20, 2016 No Comments

By Holly Neill, Executive Director

We realize Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition is a mouthful and it is rare occurrence that folks can remember our name.  As we continue to grow we decided it was time to tackle our identity.  An organization’s name is important and ideally is short, clear, memorable, and speaks clearly to who and what they do.  MSTWC’s primary goal revolves around the action to UNITE.  Established to bolster the state’s largest volunteer network, MSTWC enhances Stream Team’s mission of education, stewardship and advocacy for Missouri’s waters.  We do this by:

Linking and supporting a network of 18 Stream Team Associations statewide
Uniting the voices of Stream Teams in advocacy efforts
Joining diverse groups to develop statewide educational programs
Combining the volunteer water quality monitoring data to help communicate the State of Missouri’s Streams.

As we continue to Grow we feel the name Stream Teams United clearly speaks to who we are and what we do.  We hope you can embrace the new name, and remember it.



As we adopt our new name the look will also be changing. Stay tuned for our new logo as this logo will soon be retired