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She sets and spikes!

Posted in: News, People- Sep 28, 2010 No Comments

A few days back a good friend of the River Des Peres Watershed Coalition, scored air time on a local radio station at a silent auction for only about $20.00. River Des Peres Watershed Coalition quickly accepted this gift and knew this would be a great opportunity to share water quality information to the general public. The radio station covers sporting events for the Maryville Saints, a local university in the St. Louis area.

The Coalition gave the radio station information they wanted broadcast. The station then did all the work of creating the public service announcement that would be aired once per game in the Maryville Saints University girl’s volleyball season. Check out their ad. >>Click here

The River Des Peres Watershed Coalition does many activites to protect and improve our waterways.  One very successful activity is promoting the use of rain barrels in their community.  Runoff from rainfall increases the amount of nonpoint source pollution that enters into our waterways.  A great way to keep runoff on your property is to catch it and reuse it!   Nonpoint source pollution is pollution that occurs when rainfall, snowmelt, or irrigation runs over land or through the ground, picks up pollutants, and deposits them into rivers, lakes, and streams or introduces them into ground water.

Nonpoint source pollution comes in many forms. Major land disturbances, poor agricultural practices, mismanaged forestry practices, over-grazing, poorly maintained septic systems, construction runoff, physical changes to stream systems, habitat degradation, and uninformed household management are all examples of potential nonpoint source pollution problems.