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River des Peres Visual Assessment

Posted in: RdPWC- Dec 11, 2014 No Comments

Thanks to a $5,000 grant from REI, the Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition (MSTWC) partnered with the River des Peres Watershed Coalition (RdPWC) to encourage and recruit outdoor enthusiasts and Stream Team members into RdPWC efforts. As you can see, the River des Peres has incredible diversity even within the same city. We’ve logged 50 sites around RdP and its tributaries to show you where you can access the creek, what current development looks like, and how it’s laid out on the landscape. This helps you explore, and it can also be useful for showcasing the health of the stream in various water quality issues.

Our interactive map allows you to zoom in and navigate the stream to see what it looks like in different areas.


Click to launch our interactive map of the River des Peres!

Why it’s important

Our monitoring sites are all at or adjacent to trail locations that are fully accessible to hundreds of thousands of users each year. Many of our state’s trail systems were initially positioned adjacent to the waterways, and they provide users an opportunity to connect with water, watch birds and other wildlife, take photographs and find peace by a streamside.


We received a grant from REI!

Sites we’ve monitored

  1. River des Peres at Lemay Ferry Rd
  2. River des Peres at Broadway
  3. River des Peres at Gravois Ave
  4. River des Peres at Pointview Ln
  5. River des Peres at Chippewa St
  6. River des Peres at Southwest Ave
  7. River des Peres at Hampton Ave
  8. River des Peres at Napoleon Rd
  9. River des Peres at Woodson Rd
  10. River des Peres at Groby Rd
  11. River des Peres at Olive Blvd
  12. River des Peres at Shaftesbury Ave
  13. River des Peres at Vernon Ave
  14. Engleholm Creek at Plymouth Ave
  15. Engleholm Creek at 70th St
  16. River des Peres at Midland Blvd
  17. River des Peres at Purdue Ave
  18. Deer Creek at Oak Gate Ln
  19. Denny Creek at Conway Ln
  20. Pebble Creek at Conway Rd
  21. Deer Creek at Log Cabin Ln
  22. River des Peres tributary at Chamberlain Ave
  23. River des Peres tributary at Raft Dr
  24. River des Peres tributary at Purcell Ave
  25. River des Peres tributary at Ferguson Ave
  26. Deer Creek at Warson Rd
  27. Shady Creek at Newport Ave
  28. Shady Creek at Thornton Ave
  29. Deer Creek at Rock Hill Rd
  30. Deer Creek tributary at Des Peres Ave
  31. Black Creek at Hanley Industrial Ct
  32. Black Creek at Litzsinger Rd
  33. Deer Creek at Deer Creek County Park
  34. 2 Mile Creek at Overbrook Dr
  35. Deer Creek at Litzsinger Rd
  36. Shrewsbury Creek at Resurrection Cemetery
  37. Shrewsbury Creek at Resurrection Cemetery
  38. Gravois Creek at River City Blvd
  39. Gravois Creek at Bayless Ave
  40. Gravois Creek at Green Park Rd
  41. Gravois Creek at Tesson Ferry Rd
  42. Gravois Creek at Gravois Rd
  43. Hampton Branch at Hicks Ave
  44. Hampton Branch at Elinor Ave
  45. Hampton Branch at Folk Ave
  46. Hampton Branch at Bruno Ave
  47. Claytonia Creek at Bruno Ave
  48. Claytonia Creek at Bredell Ave
  49. Engleholm Creek at East Dr
  50. Engleholm Creek at Saint Marys

You can view other maps of streams in the area on the River des Peres Watershed Coalition maps page.