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MSTWC Welcomes Stewards of Grand Glaize Stream Team Association!

Posted in: Inspiring Teams, People, Spotlight- Jan 09, 2013 2 Comments

Authored by Cori Westcott, Stewards of Grand Glaize Association

Stewards of Grand Glaize Association continues the work begun by Darlene Haun and Bob Jung five years ago. With the help of a few trained water quality monitors, they compiled their data gathered from fifteen sites on the Grand Glaize Creek. I am hoping to continue that study. I came into the Missouri Stream Team program from a Missouri Master Naturalist point of view. When I began my site at the corner of HWY 100 and Sulphur Springs Road, I looked at the small woodland Seibert Park choked with honeysuckle and wondered what potential it had to become a healthy riparian corridor. I approached Eileen Collins, Manchester Parks Director and my Great Rivers chapter of the Missouri Master Naturalist and we have been able to clear the honeysuckle from the park. We’re waiting for spring to plant native trees and shrubs and plant a feathered woodland edge to the forest.

We have permission to clear the honeysuckle from neighboring properties. That would allow us to clear more riparian corridor and provide the park with a buffered perimeter to ease the maintenance of a honeysuckle-free natural community. I’m hoping to propose similar restorative work throughout the watershed.

The City of Manchester conducts an annual Clean Stream day that has mushroomed into such a crowd of enthusiasts that pre-registration is required now. Folks have to be turned away because it has grown so big. The City of Winchester has its own Stream Team simply to clean trash and keep their storm drains clear. Winchester has no stream within its borders! We are making a Difference!

Image:  Cori Westcott shows a honeysuckle root system retrieved by the use of a honeysuckle popper. Behind Bill Hoss dabs herbicide on the invasive plant species.

  • Danelle Haake

    I’m glad you decided to join! I think this will be a great thing for you and for MSTWC!

  • Darlene Haun

    Nice article!! You guys can really rock!