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#MOWater News

Posted in: Spotlight- Apr 28, 2016 No Comments

For those who thirst to keep up with news around the state related to Water, we have the solution. MSTWC compiles water related news for the state of Missouri along with national news highlights in our weekly online publication #MOWATER. Each week we send this information out in a visual news map that goes out to the electronic  Stream Team Community of over 6,000 individuals.

We strive to make this publication educational and accurate so you can be assured that the news you are reading is coming from people close to the issues. Articles are reviewed by a panel of partners and MSTWC to create greater confidence in the information.

This publication also features sections on Where To Find Us around the state, Featured Videos, and our newest section called the Legislative Lookout. The Legislative Lookout is designed to educate the Stream Team Community about Issues that affect our state’s waterways and how to Voice an Opinion.

We hope Stream Teams across the state are encouraged to stay up on the happenings related to water statewide and even nationally. This is a great resource for your Team to utilize, become more educated, and to share with others.

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