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Missouri State Parks Legislation

Posted in: Spotlight- Mar 28, 2016 No Comments

Missouri State Parks highlight many of our water resources across the state. Our state parks are receiving many attacks this legislative session and include threats to kill the new state park on the Eleven Point River.  Please consider contacting your legislator and Voicing Your Opinion about Missouri State Parks.

HB 2187 Requires the state to sell some 4,200 acres along the Eleven Point River acquired for a new park using settlement funds from lead mining damages, passed the house and is now in the senate. A similar bill, SB 1011, has been voted “do pass” from a senate committee.

SB 682 Passed the Senate, requires public notice and local hearings prior to any proposed land acquisition—mandates that may impact the state’s ability to acquire the land or negotiate a fair price. Several other bills would prevent any land acquisition, even by donation or bequest, without approval by concurrent resolution of both houses.

SB 1011 This act requires the Director of the Department of Natural Resources to sell property located in Oregon County by December 31, 2016. This act is similar to HB 2187.

SB 683 Removes the normal property tax exemption from all real estate in state parks, has been voted “do pass” from a senate committee.

HJR 101 Proposes a constitutional amendment to repeal the Parks, Soils, and Water Sales Tax and replace it with a new version that requires payment of property tax. This would create massive public confusion in a year in which the tax, on which the parks are utterly dependent for operations and maintenance, is up for renewal by voters statewide.