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New Executive Director: Mary Culler

Posted in: Spotlight- Feb 23, 2018 No Comments

Dear Missouri Stream Team Volunteers,

It is my privilege to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of Stream Teams United.

I am a native of Springfield, Missouri, where I attended Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State) and completed a degree in Biology. By canoeing and exploring the streams of this area, I first became fascinated by the aquatic creatures and beauty of our Ozark streams. My interest in streams and water quality led me to Iowa State University, where I completed a master’s degree and researched stream fish and macroinvertebrate communities in streams of southwest, Iowa.

Missing Missouri, I returned to Missouri in 2006, where I have worked for the state of Missouri for the last 11 years. In this time, I have worked for both the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. I have had the opportunity to see and work on streams in most regions of our state, from the Grand River in north-central Missouri to the Black River in southeast Missouri, to Big Sugar Creek in McDonald County and the North Fork Salt River in northeast Missouri. I have worked as a Fisheries Management Biologist for the southwest region and more recently as a watershed coordinator for northeast Missouri.

Through this work, I have met and worked with many local, state, federal, and non-government organizations, Stream Teams, and Missouri citizens. I have also had the opportunity to work previously with the former Executive Director, Holly Neill, and several of the Stream Teams United board members, so I would like to thank them for the great work they have done for this organization. I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with you and your Stream Team and further our goals of Education, Stewardship, and Advocacy for Missouri Streams.

I am excited to have the opportunity to share the story of the over 5,000 Missouri Stream Teams and thousands of volunteers that together contribute over 100,000 hours a year to the rivers and streams of our State. As a Missouri Stream Team volunteer, you should be proud of the work that you do for your local stream. It is important.

Stream Teams United is a resource for Missouri’s Stream Team Associations, allowing these organizations to apply for and receive grants through the 501(c)3 status of Stream Teams United. There are currently 19 Stream Team Associations throughout the state. If your Stream Team is not part of an association, you may consider joining one of the existing associations or team up with a nearby Stream Team to form your own association.

If you have ideas of how Stream Teams United can further our goals of Education, Stewardship, and Advocacy, or if you have any questions, please always feel free to contact me by phone (573-586-0747) or email We are gearing up for Paddle MO 2018, which will be September 19-23. I hope you can join us for this great river adventure. For more information, go to

Again, thank you for all of your efforts as a Missouri Stream Team volunteer and many thanks to everyone that has helped lay the foundation for Stream Teams United. I look forward to meeting you and working together to support the Missouri Stream Team program.



Mary Culler

Executive Director