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Legislative Update

Posted in: Spotlight- Jun 13, 2017 No Comments

Focus on Advocacy

By: Brooke Widmar, Stream Teams United

Stream Teams United’s mission is to promote and support water quality through education, advocacy and stewardship. Over the past year we have been focusing on expanding our advocacy work to become your go-to for legislative updates having to do with water quality and recreation in Missouri. We have done so by adding the Legislative Lookout section to the weekly emails, as well as working on the Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax issue on last November’s ballot. The past five months have been spent focusing on bills in the Missouri House and creating a watchlist for bills relating to water. During the legislative session we brought on two advocacy interns, sent out 18 weekly legislative updates, 5 issue alerts, added a new watchlist feature on our website, created an Advocacy Committee and developed our new Advocacy Policy.  The Stream Team community has been active in advocacy as well, whether that was contacting legislators, testifying at hearings, visiting the capitol during lobby days, or spreading the word on important issues.

Stream Teams United is excited to continue expanding our advocacy outreach by hosting an Advocacy Workshop during the Meramec Watershed Celebration! Join us July 22nd from 9:00 – 11:00 AM at Meramec State Park to learn how to be a more impactful and effective voice for water.