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Got Tires?

Posted in: Helpful, Inspiring Teams, News- Feb 04, 2011 4 Comments

Stream Team #211 sure did, tires that is, 561 to be exact.  If you have ever been involved in a stream clean up you most likely are aware that tires can be a huge part of your trash load.  After working tirelessly on one of their many clean ups focused on  the Meramec River, Stream Team #211 had retrieved a significant mountain of tires.  MSTWC was able to assist Stream Team #211 in properly disposing of these tire treasures by utilizing the “Revolving Tire Fund”.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Prior to your clean up contact MSTWC with information related to your clean up like location, date, how many tires you are estimating collecting, and tire disposal cost estimate.
  2. MSTWC then submits a formal Non-profit Scrap Tire CleanUp and Disposal Applicationon your behalf to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR).
  3. MSTWC receives approval from MoDNR regarding application and we contact your team with the Green light to clean away.
  4. Your team properly disposes of the tires at a reputable tire disposal facility and request the invoice be sent to MSTWC.
  5. MSTWC then pays the invoice and later will get reimbursed by MoDNR.

Basically this saves your Team from doing the paperwork and fronting the dollars for the disposal, both very good things.  To participate or learn more contact MSTWC at 1-800-781-1989 or visit

See more of Stream Team #211 in action on the Meramec and their tire trophies at

  • Val

    Isn’t it difficult to estimate ahead of time? Also, how FEW tires would be reimbursed?

  • Holly Neill

    Val- There is no minimum number of tires, so anything over one would count. I have asked Bernie Arnold with ST #211 to answer your question related to estimating the number of tires. He has had a lot of experience with this program.

  • Bernie Arnold

    I’m not sure what type of cleanup you do, but I can explain somewhat how I estimate our tire count. Most of our larger tire counts generally involve cleanups in the floodplain of the lower Meramec River. We have a core group that goes out and scope the areas, and if we start seeing a significant amount of tires, we each take a can of flourescent orange spray paint and start marking and counting the tires. We mark the tires so we don’t count the same tire twice. Its best if each person keeps their own count and then add them up after your done marking the tires.
    I usually bump the actual count up by 50% for my estimated count to DNR. We just about always find another stash of tires that were missed in the original count. It also helps to have the extra money allotted for those special tires that may cost more than $2/tire at the tire shredders.

    If you are doing a river cleanup, then that could be tricky to estimate. The upper Meramec watershed could be estimated 2 or 3 tires per mile, maybe a little higher downstream. There are always spots that don’t follow this rule of thumb.

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