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Ozark National Scenic Riverways Face Changes

Posted in: Legistlative Alerts, News- Apr 03, 2014 No Comments
Apr 032014

The Ozark National Scenic Riverways bill, HB 2006, passed the Senate’s Second Reading and has been sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Contact members >>Read More

Watkins Creek Watershed Management Plan

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May 092013

By: Charlene Waggoner

Greenway Network, Inc, in partnership with the Confluence Partnership, East West Gateway Council of Governments, Metropolitan Sewer District and the >>Read More

Sticker Fun

Posted in: Helpful, News, People- May 09, 2013 2 Comments
May 092013

Non-point Source Pollution Banner Activity

By: Susan Wrasmann

Our Missouri Stream Team liked the Non-point Source Pollution banner so much we asked to borrow >>Read More

Big Muddy Speaker Series

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Mar 012013

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the Big Muddy Speaker Series here is an upcoming event!  Several members of >>Read More

Restoration Planning for Mill Creek

Posted in: Helpful, Inspiring Teams, News, People- Feb 07, 2013 1 Comment
Feb 072013

By: Jim Marstiller, President- Mill Creek Watershed Coalition

On Feb 1st Bob Gubernick, a nationally recognized restorative geologist and hydrologist, hosted >>Read More

The Value of Visual Assessments

Posted in: Helpful, News- Dec 29, 2012 No Comments
Dec 292012

MSTWC has had the pleasure of working with one of our Stream Team associations, Ozark Water Watch, on a visual assessment of >>Read More

A Dynamic Campaign Begins

Posted in: Inspiring Teams, News, Splashing Events- Apr 23, 2011 No Comments
Apr 232011

This spring as people begin to enjoy the outdoors, they can get even more excited about gearing up. On Earth Day the >>Read More

Got Tires?

Posted in: Helpful, Inspiring Teams, News- Feb 04, 2011 4 Comments
Feb 042011

Stream Team #211 sure did, tires that is, 561 to be exact.  If you have ever been involved in a stream clean >>Read More

River Relief’s 10th Anniversary

Posted in: Inspiring Teams, News, Splashing Events- Jan 29, 2011 No Comments
Jan 292011

By: Jeff Barrow, Director of Missouri River Relief In 2001, a group of people in mid-Missouri organized the first massive cleanup of trash >>Read More

Bingo. Bingo? Bingo!

Posted in: Helpful, News- Oct 13, 2010 No Comments
Oct 132010

You would typically go to a BINGO game to try your luck in winning some cash. But what about going to a >>Read More