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This Week in #MOWATER News

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May 192016
Some of this week’s highlights: Parks, Soils, and Water Tax, Another Legalization in Co, and Shocking Fish



Climate Effects KC Water plays important role >>Read More

How to stop illegal trash dumps

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Feb 252015

Information compiled by Karen Westin, Stream Team staff member at the Department of Natural Resources.

If you want to do something about a >>Read More

A water villain returns to the streets

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Dec 222014

This cartoon was originally featured in January 2014 issue of The River Hills Traveler.

For a brief primer on road salt’s impact on >>Read More

REI gave MSTWC $5,000. Here’s what we’re going to do with it.

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Nov 062014

St. Louisans love their trails, and with those trails come great rivers. Just take a look at the Great River Greenway’s “River >>Read More

Caddisfly, or Homesteadin’ Hippie? A field guide by MSTWC.

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Jul 142014

Have you ever been out in a clear stream, seen a Caddisfly bumbling around in its homemade cocoon, and wondered, “Gee, if I >>Read More

MSTWC gains new tire recycling partner

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Apr 302014

We know one of the biggest challenges Stream Teamers face at river clean-ups is the amount of tires they collect. While tire >>Read More

7 Reasons to Become a Water Quality Monitoring Volunteer

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Apr 032014

Spring is in the air, the weather’s getting milder, and workshops are popping up like mushrooms . . . well-planned, educational mushrooms >>Read More

Blue River Rescue-2013

Posted in: Helpful, Inspiring Teams, Splashing Events, Spotlight- May 24, 2013 No Comments
May 242013

By Bob Beauchamp from Honeywell

This spring marked the twenty-third annual Project Blue River Rescue, sponsored by The Friends of Lakeside >>Read More

Watkins Creek Watershed Management Plan

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May 092013

By: Charlene Waggoner

Greenway Network, Inc, in partnership with the Confluence Partnership, East West Gateway Council of Governments, Metropolitan Sewer District and the >>Read More

Sticker Fun

Posted in: Helpful, News, People- May 09, 2013 2 Comments
May 092013

Non-point Source Pollution Banner Activity

By: Susan Wrasmann

Our Missouri Stream Team liked the Non-point Source Pollution banner so much we asked to borrow >>Read More