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Bingo. Bingo? Bingo!

Posted in: Helpful, News- Oct 13, 2010 No Comments

You would typically go to a BINGO game to try your luck in winning some cash. But what about going to a BINGO game to raise money for your Stream Team. This is just what the Scenic Rivers Stream Team Association does to raise funds for their team’s projects and programs. Through a partnership with their local VFW chapter they whip up home cooked meals to serve to those trying their luck in the weekly BINGO game held at VFW Hall in Mt. View. The Stream Teamers take turns filling the role of head chef and everyone chips in with sides for the meal. This finger licking fundraiser brings in an appetizing $2.50 plate. The association typically brings in a yummy weekly profit of $100.00!  Check out pictures of their Bingo night at flickr.

The Scenic Rivers Stream Team Association does many activites to protect and improve our waterways.  One very successful activity is a stream table they use at communtiy events that showcases all the things local residents can do to reduce nonpoint source pollution.  Nonpoint source pollution is pollution that occurs when rainfall, snowmelt, or irrigation runs over land or through the ground, picks up pollutants, and deposits them into rivers, lakes, and streams or introduces them into ground water.

Nonpoint source pollution comes in many forms. Major land disturbances, poor agricultural practices, mismanaged forestry practices, over-grazing, poorly maintained septic systems, construction runoff, physical changes to stream systems, habitat degradation, and uninformed household management are all examples of potential nonpoint source pollution problems.