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Ok, so you probably have your own Stream Team t-shirt (or twenty), ball cap, maybe whistles and pencils and dry bags, all rocking that classic Stream Team logo. But why stop there? Why not declare your love for Missouri streams, say, every time you go for a drive?

Now you can with your own Missouri Stream Team Personalized Specialty License Plate! All it takes is a $25 donation to the Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition and a $15 payment to the Missouri Department of Revenue.


Here’s how to get your plates:

1. Click Buy Now button to make an online payment to MSTWC

It costs $25.00 for one year or $50.00 for two years to Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition (this is a tax deductible donation).

One year, $25:

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Two years, $50:

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2.  After payment is received a voucher will be mailed to you.

3.  Fill out this Form

Complete Sections 1, 3, and 4. To find your local license office code, visit the Department of Revenue website. For section 4, visit to find the location and 3 digit code of the office nearest you. 

Print this form out.

4. Write a check for $15.00 to Missouri Department of Revenue

5.  Send your voucher with completed form 1716 to the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Questions? Contact contact Holly Neill at (417) 827-4864 or

Thanks for your Support!



Renew your plates for one or two more years, and we’ll take care of the rest. A receipt that you take to the DMV will be emailed to you shortly.

One year:

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Two years:

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Special Thanks to Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which has 100 cars showcasing Stream Team Plates!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note this is a separate process than renewing your license plate at the Missouri Department of Revenue, and you will still be required to pay your registration fees in addition to the donation and specialty plate fees you send to MSTWC as outlined above. If you have just renewed, your renewal registration payment will be pro-rated when you receive your personalized specialty plates.