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Get help with Properly Disposing of Tires from your Stream Team Clean-Up Event!

(See which option below best fits your team’s needs)

Do you plan on collecting lots of tires at your Stream Team’s next clean-up? Did you know that disposal can costs up to $15 per tire? But don’t despair – Stream Teams can dispose of tires for free! Contact Brooke Widmar at before your clean-up to discuss how to recycle tires at no cost to you or your team.

How can we do this? Through the outstanding support of our community sponsors. Learn more about our partners:

Joplin Recycling Center – Southwest Missouri

SWTireDisposal2015-1up-1If you clean up Shoal Creek, Turkey Creek or Center Creek, the Joplin Recycling Center will dispose of tires from your cleanups at no charge. You may also be able to dispose of other recyclable hazardous waste items such as pharmaceuticals, sharps, household chemicals, batteries, and appliances.

Teams will need to contact Mary Anne Phillips, Joplin Recycling Coordinator, at (417) 624-0820, ext. 501 prior to drop off so that arrangements can be made. Please let the Recycling Center managers know how much you appreciate this generous support!

Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers – St. Louis area

head_logoMSTWC’s newest partner, Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers, will accept up to 40 tires per event at no cost. Dobbs has 37 locations in the St. Louis Region and one in Cape Girardeau, making it a super-convenient drop-off location for all our St. Louis-area teams. Teams just have to show their Stream Team ID Cards as proof of Stream Team membership.

If your event nets more than 40 tires, no problem. Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers has an agreement with Tire Shredders in High Ridge, Mo. Tire Shredders will accept the tires and invoice Dobbs for the cost of disposal.

Both Dobbs Tire Centers & Tire Shredders ask that mud and gravel be removed from the tires before they are brought in. It is also a good idea to call ahead and let someone know you are coming. Let them know how many tires you are bringing so they can be prepared.

This is an amazing opportunity for our Teams. When you work with them, please let the Tire Center managers know how much you appreciate this generous support. If you have questions, please contact Mark Van Patten at 573-522-4115 ext. 3892 or


Bridgestone Tires4Ward Programtires4wardfrmhdra

As part of the One Team One Planet initiative, Bridgestone will pick up and recycle spent tires collected during any organized clean-up of public spaces, watersheds, rivers and waterways. Bridgestone will help in ensuring community-recovered tires are sent to a new, valuable use completely free of charge. You can request tire recycling support by filling out a form HERE.

The community clean-up support program includes a partnership with River Network. The Portland-based nonprofit leads a national watershed protection movement that includes more than 2,000 local, state and regional grassroots organizations whose primary mission is to protect rivers and watersheds.


Chuck and Sharon Tryon Revolving Tire Fund

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources reimburses nonprofits and registered vendors for reclaimed tires, and MSTWC helps small Stream Teams with the paperwork! All you have to do is contact us prior to your cleanup with information. To participate or learn more contact Brooke Widmar at

This fund was started in 1999 with donations from Stream Team #1 the Roubidoux Fly Fishers Association (RFFA). As experienced stream cleaners they realized early on that tire disposal is costly. The RFFA was fortunate to have a local business donate the disposal of tires for a number of years but heard from other Teams who were not as fortunate. They were in a difficult situation and were not able to afford the disposal fees after slogging them out of the stream. The RFFA contacted Stream Team Program staff and made a donation with the idea that the funds would be reimbursed creating the “Revolving Tire Fund.”