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Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax PASSED with 80.1% approval!

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 Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax

Stream Teams United is devoted to supporting the Stream Team Program and its over 100,000 citizen volunteers to protect and improve our state’s water resources. Alongside many other conservation and agriculture groups we are working to ensure the renewal of Missouri’s Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax.

Missouri’s one-tenth cent sales tax is dedicated to state parks, soil conservation and water quality. These resources are critical to our quality of life, our health and our economy. Voters first approved the Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax in 1984; this year, on November 8, citizens will have the chance to renew the tax for the fourth time. But without a focused campaign to educate the voters, this highly successful program could go away.

This tax supports Missourian’s quality of life, preserving our waters and supporting our economy by:

  • Attracting 19 million people to our state parks each year;

  • Providing over $1 billion per year in economic impact;

  • Supporting 14,000 jobs;

  • Instituting 220,000 conservation practices through cost-share programs;

  • Decreasing soil erosion by half since the passage of the tax; and

  • Preventing water pollution by saving over 177 million tons of soil.