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Join Stream Teams United

If you are already a Stream Team Association you have the opportunity to join Stream Teams United.  Becoming involved with us will benefit your efforts in many ways.

Your Benefits

  1. Board Representation- your Association will have the opportunity to be represented on the board of directors
  2. 501(c)(3) status – If your Association does not have its own 501(c)(3) status; you can utilize Stream Team United’s status when receiving donations or grant funding
  3. Access to the Nonpoint Source Educational Display- Associations are typically very active at educational events that holds great opportunity to educate the public about water quality issues.  As an Association you can utilize our indoor/outdoor non-point source display that illustrates by doing simple things you can reduce nonpoint source pollution entering into our waterways.
  4. Mass Email System- Associations have access to utilize our mass emailing system that allows creation of professional emails to market your events and programs.
  5. Utilization of the “Revolving Tire Fund” program.
  6. Eligible for Association grants through Stream Teams United.

If you would like more information about joining Stream Teams United fill out the form below.

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What are the goals of your Association?
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 Get to know other local Stream Teams in the watershed and share experiences.
 Form a network of local Teams in order to assist with projects too large for a typical Team.
 Be available to mentor new Stream Teams in the watershed.
 Become a local resource for schools and other groups interested in stream education.
 Have a larger voice in local watershed issues.
 Obtain tax exempt status in order to more easily receive grants and donations.
 Have more influence in statewide issues ultimately through involvement in the Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition.